Wednesday 24 August 2011

24th August Aigues Mort

Another huge plate of fruit and good selection of breads for breakfast. We were surprised to learn that in the 12 years they had been running the BB they only had around one English couple a year staying. (Insert Link). We had to be out of our room by 11.00am but could have the car parking pass until 2pm. We deposited our bags downstairs and set off to walk around the walls. The 7 euros entry gave to assess to the walls and the Tour De Constance tower. An audio visual display explained the history of Aigues Mort.The town was founded in 1240 by Loius IX later to become Saint Louis. The town was to become Frances first Mediterranean port and was establish on land surrounded by neighbouring powers. The town was used a a transit port with goods being shipped onwards toward Arles and Montpellier. The short canal connected the town to the sea.
We left around 2 and first head for the Coast and La Grau-Du-Roi. This seasisde town is probably best avoided unless you want to go to the crowded beach. We then started to drive to St Andre De Valborgne having a couple of wine tastings on the way. In the first Cave they lady was very unfriendly so we left having bought a token couple of bottles. Enroute we stooped in the pretty town of Sommieres and wished we had more time as a Velo Vert was sign posted from the town. We arrived in St Andre De Valborgne as easily found the hotel as the town only has a population of a few hundred. Eat in the hotel. Reasonable value but the vegetable portions were more like a garish.

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