Wednesday 13 April 2016

Lunch in Alaro

Lunch in Alaro

First plan your lunch stop, a vegetarian cafe we had visited in previous years in Alaro. Then select a stating point, Costix. Select weather, 21 degress and sunshine, and you have the basis of a good ride.

From Costix we took the mountain bike track that bypassed Sencelles and we then continued to Santa Eurgenia. From there we took yesterday's route to the water road but this time turned left to Santa Maria. A strong headwind slowed our progress but we admired the good views of the mountains. A ride for another day. In Santa Maria we avoided the centre  by going straight on over the level crossings and not turning left. A good tip for future rides. After Santa Maria it's about 5 miles of gentle climbing to Alaro.

We located the cafe and ordered lunch. It turned out they had only been opened for 3 days so the previous owners must have moved on. The food was simple and tasty ,still vegetarian and we would go again.

After lunch we had an impromptu tour of the town. Turn right before the car park and not left next time. We followed the road to Lloseta and after a fast decent turned towards Binnissalem. We crossed the motorway on the bridge and continued  past the airfield to the water road. We followed this until we turned of towsrds Llubi. Another minor road took us back to the MA 3240. It was then a mile on the main road before the turn off for Costix. A sharp climb took us into the town and after another short assent we were back St the van. A round trip of 39 miles.

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