Sunday 17 April 2016

Not all blue doors are the same

Not all blue doors are the same!

We had Martin as well today and decided to take the van to Manacor parking on an industrial estate on the edge of the town. The route there was a mistake .We continued round the bay and took the main road to Arta via Can Picafort. Hundreds of cyclist slowed us down and the return journey via Petra was a lot quicker.

When we finally arrived the bikes were assembled. Lyn did her best to hide the map but it was eventually located between the from seats. The route was taking the minor roads to Arta  and then returning to Manacor along the old railway line. A newly surfaced road was encountered was we start the gentle climb over to Arta. The money must have run out  half way as the old section with potholes was present at the top. A quick decent to Arta and we "located" the cafe we had eaten in last year. The door was the same colour but it was the wrong cafe. Cafe Parisien was OK. Lunch was poor and we will try somewhere different next time. After lunch we located the start of the bike path. A strong head wind slowed our progress but we were rewarded with some good views. After 22 km we diverted to the centre of Sant Llotenc des Cardassar. The bakery we have visited in previous years was closed for the day so we had to make do with a drink and ice cream in the main square. Refreshed we retraced our steps back to the old railway line for the final push into the centre of Manacor.  A round trip of about 38 miles. We ate at the Little Italian Pizzeria sitting outside with a view accross the bay.

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