Thursday 26 April 2018

20 miles for a pie

The forecast today was mixed. The actual forecast depended on which one you chose to believe. We decided to drive to Ariany and start a ride from there. The temperature was cooler than previous days and after much debate Lyn opted to start the day with a windproof jacket and leave her sleeved and gillet in the van. We took the minor tracks to Petra about 3 miles away and then had 5 miles on the main road with a gental ascent out of Petra so we could drop down to the Bosch valley. There was not a lot of traffic but a strong head wind slowed our progress. There were a few spots of rain as we started the rapid descent to the valley but the rain stayed away all day. We turned off before Manacor and then took the MA 3323 to Sant Llorenc des Cardassar. We were ready of a pie but still had 9km to go before we reached the town. The stong head wind and ascent slowed our progress. There was a short steep climb with 5km to go and then it was a long steady descent. The bakery Ca N'amer was quickly located and we ordered a pie with peas and a coffee each. After another coffee and a shared vegetable pasty we were ready for the 20 miles back to the van. We took the bike path on the disused railway line to Mancor. Once we negotiated the ring road we tried to take the scenic minor road out of the town we had cycled on previously. We thought we were on the wrong road so took the next road along off the ring road. After 3 miles the road on the Garmin finished but the road continued!
We knew where we were and where the road we need was but had no tracks displayed so we could plan a route. Eventually a couple of miles on a stoney road brought us out on the road we needed. We continued to Petra and took the minor tracks back to Ariany. A round trip of 41 miles. I paused the Garmin during the lunch stop and did not start it again after lunch so only recorded half the ride. We will have to return to map the exact route. The windproof tops stayed on all day and the rain stayed away

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  1. I see you are having a good time despite leaving the spell checker at home!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    1. The joys of predictive text.My spell checker is with me but has been too busy with her own diary to check the posts.