Tuesday 24 April 2018

A ride from Sancelles

Another warm day with a maximum temperature of 26.5 degrees.

We decided go start today's rode from Sancelles and ride to Porreres for lunch. We took the van to Sancelles and after a couple of trips round the town located the car park we had used previously. We started riding at 11:20 and once we had got our bearing we were on the minor road to Ruberts where we took the mountain bike track towards Monturi. To extend the ride we then turned towards Algaida . On reaching the main MA15 we took the service road along side for about 1.5 miles back towards Monturi before turn off on the minor road to Porreres. We arrived at around 1:30 and headed straight for Sa Placa a bar we had eaten in on a number of previous trips . We selected the menu of the day. 8.50 for a main course, desert and a drink. Lyn selected the fish and Robert a Mallorcan dish recommended by the waitress. It was tasty but not quite what he was expecting. When it came it turned out to be black pudding on a bed of cooked onions and pimentos on half a muffin with a friend egg on top.

We returned via Monturi, Lloret de Vista Alegre, Ruberts, Costix and then took a long loop back to Sencelles. The temperature cooled a few degrees in the afternoon and that made the cycling easier that than the morning.

We got back to the apartment at around 18:15.

Summary of the ride 36.6 miles with 539 metres of ascent

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