Saturday 28 April 2018

A ride from Sa Pobla

We parked in our usual spot on the outskirts of the town. We had to divert to get there because the road had been shut because of the Mallorca 312 cycle ride. We set off before any of the riders arrived. Today's ride took us out of Sa Pobla on the minor tracks across the fields towards Llubi. We had a few miles on a mountain bike track alongside the railway line past fields of garlic. We joined the road for the final couple of miles to Llubi and then we were on a paved track again towards Sineu. The 6 miles between Sineu and Petra were on a quiet road. We arrived in Petra around 2:00pm. We decided not to stop for lunch with the hoards of cyclist in the main square but instead continued to Ariany with the hope of getting something in the bar we had stopped for coffee at on a previous trip.
We were 500 yards away from our destination when we found the road blocked for the 312 cycle ride.We diverted thought the fields and had a steeper climb up to to village past the church. We had a coffee in the bar, they did sell cold tapas but the choice was limited and we were not tempted. We tock the longer way to Maria keeping to the minor tracks. We hoped to find a bar that sold food but we were not hopeful as we made the final climb to village. Arriving in the centre we had a choice of 3 bars and a restaurant that were open. Will picked the bar where we could sit in the shade and ordered a mixed pa amb oli each. We could have shared one plate but that did not stop has from finishing what they brought us. We could have taken a direct route on the road to Muro but instead took tracks to Santa Margalida. I wanted to avoid the main road to Muro and take the track marked on the map. The track was located will the aid of the Garmin but it did take us down a flight of steps out of the town. The route would have taken us within 2 miles of Muro but we found the track gated so had to divert onto the main road. It was 18:15 when we arrived in Muro and our favourite bakers was still open. We stopped for a coffee and a cake. We then had a 4 miles mainly downhill back to the van.
A trip to the new Lidl provided provision for tea. It was then back to the flat to prepare for Martin's and Sue'd arrival.

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