Saturday 12 May 2018

Tuesday - The flight home

We were down for breakfast just after 8,00 and each had an omelette again. We sat outside on the patio making the most the morning sun and view . The owner of the Bodegas came over and introduced himself to us. He was very friendly and asked if we had enjoyed our stay. We had seen him driving a van and assumed he was one the workers. By 10:00sm we were ready to set off. We made it down the single track road without meeting an on coming car. We needed to find a bin to dispose of the cardboard trays we had used to store the bikes in.Recycling bins can normally be found on the outskirts of small towns and villages on the island. We could not find anything in Porreres and diverted off our route to Montuiri and again drew a blank. We did find some bins in Algaida but they were in a locked compound so gave up looking and continued to the airport . The van was refueled when we reached the airport and we finally found a skip at the next gsrage we passed. We returned the van, it passed the inspection and we walked across to the terminal. There was a large queue at the Jet2 check in but we were directed to separate desk at the front of the queue because of the bikes.
The flight was uneventful. We were a little late setting off because of passengers beginning transferred from a cancelled flight to Birmingham.We sat in the emergency exit seats again towards the plane. Lots of leg room but we were the last to be served refreshments and most things had run out by the time they reached us. A strong tail wind meant we made the time up on the flight. We decended thought the clouds to Manchester and landed in light rain. Road works and traffic on the M60 meant it took about an hour to get to Lyn's.

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