Friday 11 May 2018

Monday - A ride from the Bodegas

Another ride from the Bodegas. First we cycled into Porreres. The post office was open, stamps purchased and holiday postcards finally sent.


We then retraced yesterdays route on the minor tracks to Felinix. The monestry of San Salvador could be seen in the distance and we cycled past a field of free range pigs

San Salvador

Free range pigs.

This time we turned towards the town going round on the ring road. The turning for San Salvador is about 1 mile out of the town off a busy main road.
The climb is steeper than the climb to Lluc we had done earlier in the holiday. The average gradient is 6.4 percent but had km sections at 10 and 12 percent. The profile we looked at on the Sunday evening showed a peak of 17 percent towards the top of the climb. As you ascent the climb winds its way round the mountain offering good views of the plain below and the coast.

Robert cycled ahead completing the 4.8km climb in 22 minutes and 34 seconds. After a couple of quick photos he returned down the climb to meet Lyn and cycle back to the top with her.

When she reached the top we spent some time admiring the views. We had an expensive small coffee in the cafeteria but decided to get some lunch in Felanix.

We decended stopping at a couple of view points for more photos . Finding a bakery in Felinix proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. After a visit to the tourist information we had a map with 3 bakeries marked. They all turned out to be either closed down of shut for lunch. We ended up abandoning the idea and instead returned to Porreres on another minor road and track.

Fortunately we decided to share a piece of cake in L' Escrivania as it was much larger than we expected.

Chocolate Cake.

We returned to the Bodegas. A round trip of 35 miles with 687m of ascent.
Bikes were packed in the bike boxes and cases sorted for Tuesadys flight before we enjoyed a tasty 4 course meal.

Salad second course.

On uploading the route to Stsva Lyn was please to find she had made it into the top 3 of all time women results for one 30 mimute gravel section back to Porreres . One better than her top 4 placing for the previous day on a different section.

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