Saturday 21 September 2019

Friday's Text

One of the veterans had left early  so we shared the breakfast table with the two other veterans.  their wife's and another couple. We declined having any meat and were served homemade yoghurt,   home made bread and jam and a home made spiced Dutch fruit loaf. As the forecast was going to be good we decided to cycle on the voie vert to the  centre of Perigueux. The voie vert started 7km from the B&B but once  we had climbed the track to the main road it was 6 km down hill that would have to be climbed in the heat of the day. Having descended the hill we diverted into St Astier before going the velo vert. It had only recently been completed and its route was not on a Google maps. It was 13miles to Perigueux. The majority of the route was on a dedicated tracks but did include some sections on shared roads. Some sections ran alongside the river and others were by the canal.

We went round the outskirts of Perigueux before going up to the old part of the city by the cathedral.  We located a vegetarian resturant we would go back to later for lunch but first we explored the old part of the city. Perigueux were holding a 3 day cattle fair and we arrived go see the prize bull being displayed.  It was then back to the vegetarian resturant for and excellent 3 course lunch. Good value at 16.5 euros. After lunch it was a slow ride back along the velo vert in the heat of the day. It was over 30 degrees as we climbed the 6km up the final hill to the B&B. Josie was not cooking on Friday evening so we decided on a pizza from the pizzeria in the local village. We sat outside to eat and returned to the B&B to finish a bottle of red wine we had opened earlier in the holiday.

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