Monday 9 September 2019

Sunday 8th September

Kate took us straight from the port to the Baladins hotel,. We arrived just after 11:00pm. The automatic checkin deposited our key and we found our room. It was clean and functional and ideal for one night. We watched the US women's tennis final on German satellite tv before going to bed. The morning breakfast was Ok and good value for 6,50 euros. The rain got heavier as we eat it so we pick a good day for travelling,  The drive to Availles-Limouzine was scheduled to take 6:30 without stops, We opted for a route with some tolls and went via Rouen and Orleans.  Kate was programmed with the a couple of main towns on route and deviated slightly from the way we expected to travel. We had a few stops, Lidl for bread, a supermarket for Deisel and a couple of Brexton stops for lunch and d coffee, We arrived at Maison Verger at 6:10. The weather had improved as we drove south. The roads were quiet and drive uneventful . A light board at side of the motorway did highlight our car numberplate as driving too fast even though we were 20km/ hr below the speed limit and driving slowed than the rest of the traffic
 We eat in a small resturant in the village run by the butchers wife. Limited vegan choices so R enjoyed a chorizo burger and L breaded chicken, We returned to the B&B to finish the wine we had brought from England and plan Mondays bike ride.

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