Sunday 15 September 2019

Sunday's text- Voie Vert from Lavelanet to Mirepoix

Another fine day was forecast so we decided to cycle the Voie Vert that runs for 24 miles between Lavelanet and Mirepoix.  According to the signs the route has now been extended and it is now possible to continue to the Canal du Midi. A ride for another trip.We ignored Kate's suggestion and took the main road out of Foix.we located parking at the start of the voie vert in Lavelnet and once we applied a protective layer of sunscreen set off cycling. The surface was mixed
 It was very good in places but parts were a very rough track.  Signs were also lacking at a couple of key points but we eventually found the route. The disadvantage in starting from Lavelanet is its a gentle down hill to Mirepoix which you have to ascent coming back . We arrived in Mirepoix at 13:20 and cycled into the town . We sat in  the 13 century arcaded market square and had a gallette for lunch. On leaving the town we cycled with an English couple who used to life in Chorley for a few km before they decided a more gentle pace was in order. We diverted of the track at 
Chalabre, a sleepy village that had seen better days. When our search for an ice cream failed we sat I the shade under halle and watched two men assemble a couple of plastic tables. One of the spoke to us later apparently they were having a village "aperitif" for someone that was leaving.  I heard vicar and Lyn thought he said baker.We may  have been invited but we needed to cycle back. We arrived back I  Lavelanet just before 6:00 the bikes we put on the car and we failed again to find a shop selling ice creams so we returned to the 3 Lions to prepare a Spanish omelette for tea. The temperature climbed to above 27 degrees during the day but unlike yesterdays ride the voie vert provided a lot of shade.

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