Friday 20 September 2019

Thursdays Text

Today we had to start or journey North. The car was packed and apartment tidied and we were ready to leave just after 10. As our route took us though the Almagnac region we decided to go via Michel Baylac a producer we had visited in 2014. The domaine was finally located with s little help from Google maps 
but we were not sure they we open as we arrived at lunch time. A gentleman appeared and indicated for us to wait and he disappeared inside the house to finish his lunch .A lady came out. We started by tasting 2 red wines before moving on to 3 Armagnacs aged for different lengths of time. Armagnac and wine purchased we departed and found somewhere to stop for our Brexton lunch. We arrived at B&B Angueur just before 6. A text they send earlier in the afternoon provided the precise GPS coordinates to the end of their drive. It was then 900 meters down  hill though a wood to the accomodation , the last 700 being on a stone track.

We were greeted by Josie who was busy tending her vegetable garden. She took us to our room is in a building attached to the main house.  We declined the offer of a swim as the temperature was starting to cool . We had booked an evening st the accomodation . We shared a table with 3 veterans from the war for Algerian independence and there wives. They had been to a reunion at and extended their stay for a couple of nights .

We started with soup made for  courgettes and gourdes from the garden, the main course was a salad of gesiers and duck rillette severed on a large platter and dessert an apple flan. The starter was severed with a Beragac white and the main a red. Although they spoke little English we managed to converse I  our limited French. Conversations included Brexit, Boris, Trump and Americans labelling their wine as champagne . One of the veterans had worked as a viticulturist in Champange region. At the end of the evenning be announced he would like to share a bottle of champagne with his friends and the English. After the champagne the evenning ended on a surreal note. After wishing them good night and on our way back to our room we were called back to look at statue of St George slaying the Dragon he talked about earlier. It had cost him over 1100 euros and he had even made a frame so It could be carried and displayed . It was made of wood and about 2.5 feet height and very heavy. After he showed us his regimental flag we returned to bed.



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