Saturday 14 September 2019

Saturday's Text :-A ride to Le Mas d'Azil

Todays ride was a circular route taking in Le Mas D'Azil . A cave that has in addition to a river, a road going though it. I modified the route from the one that was described on the Lonely Planet guide book
 We parked by the voie vert  we rode on Friday but this time at Baulou and not at the start . The first few miles were on the voie vert before turned off it and had a gentle climb up the hill.
After  a loop round and some up and down  we rejoined it again at Bastide-Serou. We took the voie vert round the town and followed it for a few miles before turning off on the road to Le Mas D' Azil . The forecast temperature of 28 degrees was an underestimate. After some more climbing will short sections at 10 percent we were rewarded with a long descent. We turned onto the main road at the bottom of the hill and after a few miles we had arrived the cave. It was 1:20 and we were ready for lunch. I ordered 2 pannins filled  with loczl cheese and ham from a cafe by the cave entrance .Fortunatly a table became available just after I ordered. After the late lunch we cycle though the cavern. The river ran on the left hand side . We stopped 100 yards in by the entrance to the museum and bought some postcards but passed on the 9 euro tour. We continued to Sabarat stopping at glass blowers on route.  I added short extension to the route at Sabarat which we followed   it involved a couple of additional climbs.   It was hard work in the heat. The top of the climb offered good views accross to the Pyrenees and but on hindsight may have been better left for another day. The last 10 miles back to the car was pleasant ride but very hot. A round trip of 35 miles with 2800 feet of ascent 

Bikes were put on the car and Kate selected a cross country route with single track roads to take us back the 3 Lions.  
 We arrived without incident and a vegetable curry was prepared for tea.

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