Thursday 12 September 2019

Wednesday's Text

Breakfast was typically French. Homemade yoghurt ,fresh croissants, bread and homemade jam and coffee. Franchise taught in a local school and left us to finish our breakfast and lock up. We decided to cycle on the velo vert that runs from the centre of Castres to just outside Albi. We had cycled 34km of it from Abli towards Castres in 2010 and a report of the day can be found on this blog. Google directed us to the start. It was a gentle ascent for  the first 10km as we left Castres behind. The temperature dropped a little as we slowly ascended leaving Lyn to question if not wearing legs and leaving her gloves in the car was the right decision. By mid afternoon it was over 22 degrees in the shade  and the decision was definitely correct.  A short diversion from the route at Lombers enabled us to find a Boulangerie  to buy some pizza slices and bread for lunch . The majority of the route which is on the old railway line it on compacted stone with a few short sections on tarmac. We continued to the parking spot at Aire Is Vigame where the signs ran round 2,7 km from the end. We could see the route of the old railway line but it looked like the voie vert continued on the down the hill on the road. We decided to turn round at that point.
We arrived back to Castres around 5:00pm and cycled to d the old part of the town.
We eat at "Sans Chai les Jumeuc" a popular tapas resturant run by two twin  brothers. Friendly service and good food. We return to the B&B and amused ourselves adjusting the electric bed before retiring for the night.

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