Tuesday 21 August 2012

A Hot Day

Hotel Rebenhof provided one of the best breakfasts we have had for a long time. The main problem was the choice was so extensive it was difficult deciding what to eat. After breakfast we visited Baden-Baden. The road looked hilly on the map so we checked with reception and were recommended to drive. Cycling to the town would have involved a couple of steep climbs so it was the right decision. The first problem we had was finding somewhere to park. The town has lots of parking but they all had a height limit of around 2 metres and we had the bikes on top to the car. The problem was solved by talking the bikes off the car when we drove into the car park and then finding a parking spot where we just had with enough height to put them back on. Walking round the town was hot. The pedestrian town centre was worth the visit . We admired the Casino from the outside and tasted the water in the old pump house and walked along the Lichentenaler. An elegant park which was laid out in the 19 centaury and follows the flow of the Oosbach for 3 km thought the town. In the afternoon we decided to escape the heat and visited the modern Caracalla terme. The town also had and older Roman Irish bath. The later was costume free and men and women were in separate sections on Mondays and Thursdays. The spa was well organised and for your 17 euros for 3 hours you get an electronic tag. This works the lockers and is used to pay for anything you have inside. It even times your entry so we had an excess of a 1 euro to pay for the 21 minutes extra we spent inside. The temperatures of the pools ranged from 18 to 36 degrees. Once we had cooled off we took advantage of the hotter pools and steam rooms. We eat in the hotel. A good meal had sitting of the terrace. Photos to follow.

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