Thursday 23 August 2012

Thursday and another ride along the Danube

30 miles today starting from Muhlhiem.

Yet another good breakfast – we are getting used to these and it must change at some point!! We packed and left the pension as soon as we could in order to drive to Mulheim to cycle another part of the Danube river route. The drive took 50 minutes so it is a good job we did not try to do this yesterday. This is meant to be a particularly spectacular part of the route and it proved to be – with white cliffs rising from the valley floor. The route was again mainly asphalt but with some shingle areas, but these are well established and easy to ride. Today was not so hot, so all round it was more pleasant. As yesterday, we had to turn around and retrace our steps but as the ride was so pretty, this did not seem so bad and the view changed from the different perspective. A cheese roll by the river at the turning point kept us going and we did stop on the way back for a strawberry Magnum (see photo). The Danube ride continues all the way through Germany, Austria and on to Romania and the Black Sea. It is possible to purchase cycle books of the whole route – perhaps that is a holiday for another day?
Back in the car we progressed on to Switzerland, having to purchase a vignette at great expense, in order to travel on the main roads (35 euros). Found the hotel by the station in Guttingen, Lake Constance (Bodensee), without difficulty. Sounds horrendous, but the station is only small and the trains are smart and very quiet – they did not even trouble us when we were eating our meal on the terrace in the evening. Our meal was a salad followed by a mix of Perch and another white fish caught in the Lake and boiled potatoes. Quite pleasant and a snip at 32 Swiss Francs (£21)!

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