Tuesday 21 August 2012

Sunday 19th

Sunday 19th.
Decided to do another bike ride along the Lahn again starting in Limburg but this time starting by riding “upstream”. We set odd from the hotel at around 10.30 and had planned to be back at around 3:00pm. The path had been improved since the notes Lyn found of a tour along the Lahn. The sections that had been described along the road had been replace with a path along side the river and because of this I think it was a better ride than the on the previous day. The majority of the path is now tarmacked with some sections being loose gravel. Not a problem on a hybrid bike. The path was so good be decided to extend the ride to Weilburg making a round trip of around 48 miles. The Weilburg was well worth a visit although to get to the old town is a challenging short climb. We just had time for an ice cream and a quick walk around the town. We would have liked some more time to explore. The ice cream portions are smaller than the UK so have 3 scoops is a bowl is not a greedy as it sounds. We got in conversation with a German gentlemen who asked if we had had our “Fish and Chips” for lunch and was most impressed with the Olympic opening ceremony. We got back to the car at just after 5.00 and set off for Baden-Baden around 20 minutes later. The ride was excellent but the temperature increased to 38 degrees in the afternoon so we were a bit hot cycling back. The drive to Baden- Baden was around 2hours and 10 minutes, ”Kate “ again took us straight to the hotel. This was just as well as I had not printed out a detailed map and we would have struggled to find it as it is in a small village about 6 miles from the town. The hotel had a recommended restaurant however it was closed Sunday evening. We were recommended another in the village which turned out to excellent . Pumpkin soup with pumpkin ravioli, lamb shank in red wine followed semolina with fresh plums. I even had time to return the car to the hotel and jog back down the hill.

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