Thursday 16 August 2012

France 2012

The ferry journey was uneventful. A Brexton tea in our room and then a couple of drinks in the sky bar. The disadvantage of arriving with a nominal 10 minutes to spare was we were the last high car on and so the last one off. Customs decided to check everyone’s passport so we it took over an hour before we left the port. We entered Venlo into our new toy, a Garmin Sat nav. “Kate” selected the route and off we went. I also purchased a of new Michelin maps of Europe and France for the trip. The old France map had served us well but it was publish in 1996 and so was missing the most recent additions to French motorway network. As we were starting in Holland and working our way to Germany a detailed map of the region should hopeful prove useful.
We had planned on visiting the Floriade today but the delay in leaving the ferry meant we would not have arrived until mid day. We decide instead to take advantage of the good weather and have bike ride. We started from the information centre at the Nationaal Park De Groote Peel and followed a number of well sign posted bike routes on a 32 mile loop. We had visited the information centre once before over New Year. The weather at around 27 degrees made a welcome change to the show and ice we encountered before. Tea and cake at the information centre when we got back from the ride and then “ Kate” was able to direct us straight to out B&B. It located nin a rural location around 30 minutes from Venlo but only 20 minutes from the National Park.
We were welcome with tea and apple cake! The B&B is excellent and it is a pity we have only booked for one night.

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