Thursday 30 August 2012

The road to Chauorce

The drive from Baron to Chaource was just under 4 hours. When we checked Kate’s suggested route we saw she was taking us within 10 minute of the Velo Vert at Buxy around 50 minute away. It’s an excellent bike path we had cycled around 6 years previously and there was the added advantage of having a cooperative wine cave in Buxy. First stop was the wine cellar for a tasting and then it was off on the Velo Vert. We headed south in the direction on Macon. Making it to Cormatin to purchase yet another quiche and bread for lunch.
For the drive to Chaource we decided to avoid the motorway. Kate helpfully tried to direct us back onto the correct route and evens Lyn’s attempts to exclude a section of the motorway failed to have the desired result. Eventually she excluded all motorways, Kate replanned the route and everyone was happy.
The hotel in Chaource was modern, clean, efficient but lacking in the eccentric collection of objects of our previous B&B. We had a walked around the town but decide to eat in the hotel. The set menu at 17.50 euros for 3 courses was simple but tasty and offered good value.

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