Friday 24 August 2012

Lake Constance

Yet another good breakfast that was served at our table rather than a buffet. One cheese was crinkled and paper thin with quite a strong taste – we had not seen this before. The ham was particularly tasty today. We arranged to leave our car in the car park whilst we set off for a short cycle round part of the Lake Constance route. We joined this near the hotel and cycled towards Austria and away from the city of Konstanz. The ride was easy but interesting, going close to the lake at points and through little villages and small towns. Lyn was impressed by the frequency of the free toilet facilities on the route – something to note for another time should we decide to re-visit and do the whole lake ride, which should only take about 3 days. Today we had to turn round after 15 miles in order to get to our next destination this evening. We had almost made it to the Austrian border. Stopped for a coffee in a bakery and purchased some Birchermuesli for a picnic stop later. We did have the first real rain that affected us this holiday on the way back to the car and had to shelter for 20 minutes under a tree. Otherwise the warm but grey day was welcome on a bike ride after the 38 degrees of earlier in the holiday. The B&B was a 15 minute drive up the hill from Neuchatel . We had our own cooking facilities so stocked up with provisions from Aldi for tea. It would have be hard to find without Kate’s excellent direct directions. She did offer us a different route with a 10 minute saving in Zurich. We followed her advice and ended up stuck in traffic in the town centre. The B&B was a quirky as the reviews on The couple who one reviewer described as old aged turned out to be only a little bit older than us! The B&B at £71 offered excellent value for Switzerland and the ability to cook our own meal was areal bonus.

For all the traveling I have done I did not realise the Swiss have their own design on elctric plugs. The hotel learnt us an adaptor to the European plug last night and if you do not require an earth one of our European adaptors fits. Some of the sockets however are recessed and for those you require a Swiss adaptor.

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