Monday 22 August 2016

A day culture and driving

We packed and left the accommodation just after 9:30. It was a short drive to Bayeux and we parked in the car park on the edge of the town. Lyn cycled the short distance to the museum whilst I walked. I returned the bike to lock on top of the car whilst Lyn purchased the tickets. The entry to the tapestry included a free audio guide that explained the key scenes in each of the panel's. To keep everyone moving we discovered that once started the guide could not be stopped and section of commentary could not be replayed. Lyn started her guide before we got to the first panel so went through the expedition 4-5 panels behind the audio guide.

After looking at the tapestry we went round one of the floors of displays before having a
A quick walk round the town. (Lots to see for a future visit), provisions were purchased for lunch and we left Bayeux just after 12:00.

The drive to Sousmoulins was uneventful. Kate provided excellent directions and we had a couple of stops for lunch and an afternoon cup of tea.

We arrived at Least Plants and were greeted
by Jason We just had time to unloaded and have a welcome beer by the pool before Ann excellent 2 course Neal was served.

A Brexton stop

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