Thursday 25 August 2016

Wednesday 24th

Getting behind with my posts. Now in Spain
Today in brief. The last section of the Roger Lapebie cycle path to Bordeaux. A visit to a vineyard, a late lunch and a 2:30 drive to Spain. The temperature dropped 10 degrees just before the border but its still 26 degrees centigrade. Full post to follow.

The last section of the cycle path was a gradual descent to the river. The route followed the old railway line to just before the river and then followed the bank of Garonne on many minor roads to the centre of Bordeaux. We continued to one of the main bridges before retracing our steps. A Brexton coffee was drunk on bench by the car. We selected the nearest Bordeaux wine producer from the leaflet we had picked up at the B+B, put the address into Kate and set off. Chateaux Anniche turned out to be an excellent choice. We had comprehensive guided tour in English from the wife of the owner who was born in Liverpool. ( she had lost her Scouse accent ). Amongst the many interesting facts was the strain of yeast used to ferment the wine is selected to reflect that years growing conditions and the characteristic of wine you are trying to produce. Wine purchased and safely stored and it was then off to Spain stopping briefly for a late lunch. Once we reached the motorway only short sections were tolled. Our supply of loose change was used up before we had to resort to a note and Lyn had to hang out of the passenger window to retrieve the change!

Kate took us straight to the hotel it's just off the main road but I had booked a room at the back with a "mountain view" so we are unaffected by road noise.

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  1. Just caught up. Sounds like fun. We managed third place on Tuesday - jackpot still rising.
    Have fun