Saturday 27 August 2016

Via Verde Del Oja

Dinner in the hotel yesterday evening was excellent. Three courses for 26 euros excluding wine. A marked contrast in quality to the 12 euro menu of the previous 2 nights.

The day started with a late breakfast which was served from 9:00. Again excellent quality. We were presented with a plate of fried eggs, cheese and cured ham with a side plate with small cakes and croissants. Then a plate of cut up fresh fruit and natural yoghurt. Finally a large tortilla was placed on the side.
board. If we wanted anything else we just had to ask!

The start of the bike ride was a 30 minute drive away. We started in the small village of Castanares De Rioja and followed the via Verde for 22km to Ezcaray. The first mile was a rough stone track alongside the road. The path then moved away from the road and the surface changed to a tarmac surface for the rest of the way. The gentle climb and constant headwind slowed the pace. The scenery only started to change as we got closer to Ezcaray . The fields field s were growing a mixture of vines, vegetables crops and wheat. A cafe in the town provided a late lunch. Although we ordered 2 courses only one arrived.

The tomatos and tuna salad was good but when we got the bill it turned out to be very expensive.

The return to the car was a lot faster. A coffee in the small bar excellent value at 1.20 euros.

We then drove to Haro and selected a bodega for a tasting, Lopez De Heredia
A tasting glass was 2.1 euros but we were allowed two small samples for the price.

The cheaper Rioja was 12 euros a bottle and the most expensive 23 euros. We enjoyed the samples but decided not to buy some wine.

We arrived back at the hotel in time to book in for dinner and catch up on the blog / holiday diary.

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