Thursday 6 September 2018

A ride along the Rhine

We arrived in breakfast at the time they we were told breakfast sould stsrt being served only to find the rest of the guests already eating. Lyn and I eat most of the fresh fruit that had been out between us.

Having checked out and packed the car we drove 20 minutes to Boppard for a ride along the Rhine to Koblemz. We initially parked on parking bay on the road near the station. However we were concerned the spaced may have been in a restricted parking zone so moved the car to the station car park. We found a space but there was not information on how to pay for the parking or any nformation on the parking costs.

The bike path to Koblemz follows the banks of the Rhine . It runs alongside the main road to Spay where the main road moves away from the river bank but the cycle path continues to follow it.


The were a few short sections along minor roads including one long section on stone "cobbles" before we reached Koblemz. We continued along the path
until the point the Moselle joined the Rhine.

We then diverted into the town and eventually found a cafe for lunch.
It would have been worthwhile spending more time in the town but we needed to get back to Boppard. More photos and video were taken on the return . We made it back to the car to find it free from parking tickets and wheel clamps.

The journey to Gasthoff Wilderbad should have taken just over 3 hours according to Kate. In the end it took around 4 hours without any stops because of the delays caused by the traffic.We arrived just after 7:30.

The car park was located at the top of a hill level with the second floor of the Gasthoff. We parked and then carried our cases down to reception only to find our room was located on the second floor of the annex building and we could have carried the cases across the footbridge from the car park.

We were concerned the restaurant may have stopped serving but fortunately it served until 8:30.

We had time for a quick shower in the room before dinner before going down to the restaurant and having a splendid dinner of braised beef served with homemade noodles and a side salad.

Some of the deserts were homemade so we shared a cheesecake and red fruits soaked in rum served with ice cream for desert. All washed down with Weis beer and a local wine.

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