Sunday 9 September 2018

Thursday Rothenburg on de Tauber

We left the hotel after breakfast. It was a pity we could only stay one night.

We drove the 20 minutes to walled town of Rothenburg on of set Tauber. We parked by the walls (1.2 euros per hour or 6 euros all day) and went off to explore the town, Lyn by bike and Robert by foot. We had coveted over 4 miles by the time we returned.

The town hall bell tower was a good vantage point for views of the town. It cost 2.5 euros but you only had to pay if you made it up the step sets of wooden stairs. Not all visitors did.

A baker provided a roll and coffee for lunch and we purchased a "snowball" before returning to the car. They looked to be a popular local "biscuit "

The are pastry cut into strips formed into a ball then put into a mold and deep fried . They were available in its of flavours but we opted for cinnamon sugar.

The drive to Wolfegg was around 2:30 hours. We made good progress so stopped for a coffee and called Mattheus when. Kate said we were 30 minutes away. We had come off the .motorway and had not factored in the 20km diversion . We afrived 15 mi utes lat8.Matttheus was very friendly and showed us round the appartment. The apartment was an excellent find. Its 60 metres square so has. lots of room. It's on the first floor of an old converted building.

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