Sunday 16 August 2015

Archipelago cruises

One of the first things we booked after we had secured our flight was the Archipelago wildlife cruise from Ucluelet around the broken islands. We meet at Whiskey landing a 5 minute drive from where we are staying at 9:10.  We were warmly welcomed aboard The Raincoast Maiden by Toddy and Alan. When they are not conducting wildlife cruises the boat is there home and they welcomed us aboard as their guests. The introduction and safety talk was interrupted by a bear they had spotted on the far shore. We cast off and cruised slowly across. We were able to get in very close as we watched it  turn over rocks with its paws as it searched the shoreline for crab's. Throughout the rest of the day we were shown Sea Eagles, Bald Eagles, Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Otters and numerous other birds. We even had the bonus of a Grey Whale that was spotted and swam alongside the boat for a short distance. Alan and Toddy delighted in the wildlife they spotted.

We moored for lunch in a sheltered bay in the broken Islands. Tables were set up on deck  and we served a salmon or chicken salad from an renound local restaurant. Lunch with one of the best views in British Columbia.

The trip fully lived up to its excellent reviews on trip advisor. The commentary was interesting  informative and amusing. Toddy added additional information to Alan's antidotes and provided a fluent translation into German.The boat was well presented and they had considered every detail of the trip. They provided their guests with cushions ,blankets and binoculars .They even provided tea pots forvtheir British guests.Thankfully the gloves and waterproofs were not required. The day started overcast but the sun came out in the afternoon. We returned to the landing stage just after 3:00 . After a cup of tea in the chalet we walked a short section of the Wild Pacific trail by the Amphitrite lighthouse.

We eat in the chalet taking advantage of the outside gas barbque.

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