Tuesday 11 August 2015

Stanley Park

After a leisurely breakfast the first stop was the bike shop so Lyn and Louise could get a more comfortable saddle. Ladies have different sitting bones to men. The forecast was a high of around 25 degrees but they did not mention the spots if rain that started to fall as we left the shop and entered Stanley Park. We followed the path round the peninsula and the first photo opportunity was the Totem poles. Snaps were taken and information boards read we continued round the peninsula in an anticlockwise direction, this section of the bike path has one way circulation .

Louise took to opportunity to shorten the route by cutting a corner but followed us on the diversion to Beaver lake. It was slowly being reclaimed by the woods and will not feature on the top 1000 places to see in Canada. We continued round past the statue of the girl in the wet suit and stopped by the beach where the sign directed us up the hill to the  Tea House in Stanley Park Restaurant. We were seated outside on the terrace with its splendid views for  enjoyable lunch . The pickled peaches in truffle oil were underwhelming but Louise's confit de Canard was excellent. Robert had a Tuna salad which was tasty but tuna had been lightly seared rather than being cooked. For desert Louse had a lemon tart and Lyn Robert shared a cheese cake. After lunch we had time for a paddle before continuing round the peninsula and back to the apartment around trip of 7.5 miles. Robert and Lyn then set off again to ride round by the port and cut though the city to False Creek on the city bike paths Louise took the opportunity to go for a short "cruise" , ferry around False Creek. After cycling though the centre we cycled past the Olympic stadium and then continued on the opposite side of False Creek to Sundays ride. We crossed the creek on Burrards bridge and diverted to the brewery at Grenville Island. No time for a tasting but we did get 3 beers for our own mini tasting later. We then continued back for a short distance by English bay  and though Vanier Park . It was soon time to turn round. On the way back we passed a familiar face taking photos. We stopped by the laughing statues and it was then Safeway's to buy food for tea and then Robert and Louise returned the bikes.


  1. The big talking point at last night's quiz (which we would have won with correct answers to 1. where did Eddie the Eagle come last? and 2 which businessman used the mounties' uniform for his staff? - we got these wrong) was How is Lyn getting on in Louise's clothes? Or has her bag now arrived?....

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  3. 1 Sheffield
    2 Do not know what was the answer?

    Lyn's case arrived Monday evening and she was able to manage with her carry on baggage.

  4. Miss read question 1 as where he was born.so would have got zero points for a wrong answer.

  5. Miss read question 1 as where he was born.so would have got zero points for a wrong answer.

  6. Yes, we said Edmonton and Richard Branson. The correct answers were Calgary and Billy Butlin. Close. If we'd have passed on those and stuck with 8 correct guesses we'd have been second. Jackpot is still rising.

    PS Lyn must be very relieved to have some clothes.