Sunday 9 August 2015

Day 1

Arriving at the Meet and Greet it took half a dozen attempts for the attendant to locate our booking and raise the barrier. We had another delay while the BA check in staff printed our boarding pass for the Heathrow to Vancouver leg of the journey.  For some reason the option to do it ourselves was not available when we tried.

30 minutes later we were through the baggage screening had having a bacon and egg sandwich.The flight to Heathrow was  40 minutes late. We made the onward flight to Vancouver but our cases did not. Hopefully they will be delivered tomorrow. After a long queue and some probing questionings they finally let us into the country. "What are you planning on doing" "Why are you going there?", "How do know who you are travel with?".....

Next was a shirt queue for the hire car . It turned out to be a silver Chevrolet Malibu. Kate was turned on an once out to the car park wuickly located the satellite and directed us straighshortour accommodation

Full post to follow

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  1. "Baggage still at Heathrow"
    Not a surprise, I think that's perfectly normal...