Thursday 13 August 2015

Galloping Goose Trail

We picked what we wanted for breakfast the previous evening. The choice did not include Weetabix so Louise selected fruit salad followed by an omelette with a cucumber salad. Robert and Lyn had a freshly poached pair followed by an egg cooked in a filo pastry case accompanied by garlic roasted broccoli  .
It was very tasty and would have been perfect if we had had toast to fellow. Robert and Lyn set off on the Galloping Goose trail that runs on the path of an old railway line from 55 km from Victoria to Sooke just before 10:00.

First stop was the hire shop. Lyn's saddle needed a slight adjustment and Robert's had an added rotational feature that swung into action at every corner. Lyn saddle was adjusted and Robert was given a new bike.

The Galloping Goose trail starts just outside the centre of Victoria and crossed the inlet on a wooden bridge. In general it was well marked apart from the diversion we followed where the signs ran out adding a couple of extra miles and a short section along a main  road to the route. We stopped for coffee at the Nest and had a warmed three berry bran muffin one of the best muffins we have ever eaten. This proved to be the only Cafe we spotted on the route and we returned for a late lunch at 4:30.Below the cafĂ© was  bike repair station for use on the trail see photo above with a section of useful tools hung on wires and a bike pump. Despite the good section one cyclist ask me if I was carrying a set if bolt croppers. He appeared to have locked his bike to his partners and was struggling to open it.
It may be different for Canadian cyclists but my essential tools for a days ride have never included the former mentioned tool.

We ignored the sign posted diversion on our return along with everyone else and found the diversion unnecessary. We got back to the B+B at 5:45 a round trip of 48 miles. We had turned around shortly after the 35 km marker. The ride was pleasant but a lot of the good views obscured by trees. The section we did not manage to complete was probably the most scenic Something to investigate on another trip.

Whilst we were away Louise meet Queen Victoria on a guided tour of the parliament building and had a successful whale watching trip. She had also had time to conduct extensive research on Victoria (the place we are staying and not the queen) and had 3 suggestions for our dinner. We opted for 10 Acres bistro pub and had home made burgers washed down with locally brewed  wheat beer / non alcoholic cocktail. L+R opted for the healthy option of a green salad to accompany the burger and had a side if fries to share.We opted for the healthy option of a green salad to accompany the burger and had a side of fries to share.

Lyn's first pork burger was red in the middle so she had a second dinner to eat   / share as rather than recooking the burger she was given. a new plate even though she had a good attempt at her first plate.

The weather clouded over mid morning but the sun shone for most of the day with a high around the low 20's.


  1. You are very prolific on this trip, so I assume it is proving to be great fun despite the uncooked burger (aren't they supposed to be red in the middle?
    BTW, John thought I was trying to fool him the other night when I pulled out the book of my recent trip. The book was printed the day before I was supposed to finish, so I suppose John had a point....

  2. The burger was pork and pork meat should not be eatern raw as it can contain hepatitis E that needs cooking to kill the virus..The same advice applies to cuts of meat.. There was recently a lot of publicity about in in the UK but you were probably away on one of your trips at the time.

    Hows the training for the trans alp bike trip going and have you entered the Calderdale yet?

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  5. TransAlp training in full swing, fuelled by raw burgers. Will enter Calderdale imminently if hepE doesn't get me first!