Saturday 15 August 2015

The Drive to Ucluelet

We had breakfast at 8:00. It would probably be a while before we are served roasted broccali with garlic again for breakfast. We then returned the bikes to Cycle Treks. They were very friendly and there was no charge for keeping them for an additional night. After a quick trip to the supermarket we set off at around 10:30 from the B+B. The first stop was the  Malahat summit and after we descended we stopped in
Duncan for a quick tour of it's Totham poles. We succeeded in finding the Averil Creek vineyard at the second attempt. It was mentioned in one of our guide books. We initially  just entered the postcode into Kate. She took us past the entrance but we missed the turning. Searching for near by attractions and it came up and she directed us back to the entrance. The turning from the road took us up hill up a long gravel driveway to the vineyard towards the top of the hill. We tasted 5 wines and bought 3 bottles and sweet desert wine to drink on our travels.We had planned on stopping a tea plantation for lunch. However the lady at the vineyard called them to check if the served food. As  they did not do savoury food we continued to Chamaimus a town famous for it murals. A full tour will have to wait for another trip however I can recommend Utopia bakery and cafe as it provided an excellent lunch. After lunch we continued  driving up the east coast on the one turning off onto the 4 towards Ucluelet. The check in at Terrace Beach closed at 6:00pn and as our ETA was 5:55 pm we did not have time to stop at Cathedral Drove to look at its famous trees so continued straight to Ucluelet. We will pass then again on Monday. On the road to Ucluelet we saw our first live bear as a cub wandered nonchalantly across the road. It was gone before we could get our cameras out.

We arrived at the cabins at 5:45 pm and were greeted with those immortal words " you must be the tall gentleman who requested a bed without a wooden board at  the end !" Our cabin has 3 floors. The ground floor has an open plan living area and toilet. It has two bedrooms one upstairs along with a bathroom and shower and a second downstairs. We decided to eat in so unpacked and it was a trio trip to the supermarket. Fresh sweet corn to start followed buy pork tenderloin in a mushroom with a mushroom and onion sauce served with mash potatoes. Cauliflower, green beans and carrots.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great holiday. Can we please see a picture of Louise to show that she has survived the cycling!

  2. It sounds like you are having a great time. Could we please see a photo of Louise to prove that she has survived the cycling!

  3. Just caught up on your trip - glad it's going well and that you have seen a bear! Enjoy the cabin! Sue