Tuesday 13 September 2022

Day 5- Greven


The car was packed and we left the apartment just after 10:00 and headed towards our next nights' accommodation in Greven Germany. A driver of around 2 hours.  Apart from stopping for diesel on route we drove straight to the Greven. We called our host before we left and could check in at anytime. She said she would come and see us around 15:00. On arriving in Greven we located a bakers and sat outside had a sandwich and coffee.


There was a “beer Dwarf” beer celler opposite so we wandered across to investigate. It was the largest selection of beer and bottled water I have seen in one shop. We selected half a dozen bottles to sample. 

It was then off to an upmarket supermarket “Marktkauf Nienteid” to buy food for another evening meal. We also got a couple of saddle covers to keep the saddles dry whilst on the back of the car to replace the Tesco’s carrier bags and tie warps. We were at the apartment by 2:45. We had the upstairs 2 bedroom flat above the owners fathers house in a quiet residential area of the own. After a quick phone call to Lyn’s Mother we had time for a short 12 mile ride. Once we had located the correct route out of the town  we following the Elms cycle route north to the pretty village of Hembergen where we had to turn around. We followed a different shorter path back to the town.

Ems River

We did not stop for a self-service coffee

A tea of fresh tuna and fresh vegetables was prepared and a Weissbier we selected earlier sampled.

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