Thursday 15 September 2022

Day 7 - Drive to Herbsleben


It would have been good to do another bike ride but we had to move on. We decide to break our journey to the Czech Republic and stop in the small village of Herbsleben around a 4 hour drive from Greven. The car was packed and we left the apartment by 9:30. The first stop was the local supermarket to get something for lunch and food for tea. The drive was uneventful. Kate provide excellent directions and Lyn followed the journey by map. A driver error mean we did come off a few hundred metres to early at one junction and found ourselves heading in the wrong direction. Kate quickly the error and put us back on the right track.

We stopped for  Brexton mid morning coffee and a later at a rest stop for lunch


We arrived at our accommodation just after 16:00. We were given number of a house to enter into Kate and then had to call them for the final directions when we arrived. Across a small bridge and then an electric gate opened to let us onto their drive. 

Our upstairs flat is very spacious with a large open plan seating area outside. It’s by a water mill and with a menagerie of animals outside. It's a pity we can only stay one night but they were booked up for the other possible nights we could have stayed.

Tea tonight will be a Tufu stir fry.

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